Thursday, February 2, 2012

{sweet shoppe party} behind the scenes

For my kids parties, I love to use as much stuff around the house that I already have and do a few DIY projects.  Let me first start by saying, any DIY project I show you is so not going to be perfect. I am definitely not the "go to" queen for DIY's.  But, it works for me and it looks great at the party in the end.  So I am totally fine that.  So here are a few "Behind the Scenes" photos of the few DIY's that I did create for the party.

I knew I wanted to have the party in the dining room, so I tried to think of easy ways to really make it as colorful and Sweet Shoppe like as I could.  The first thing I did was buy polka dot wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and wrapped our dining room pictures.  I have to say, I LOVED this look!  I didn't even want to take them down.  How tacky is that!  This is such an easy decorating idea that I love.

Next up is the banners you can see hanging in our "Sweet Shoppe'.  For those, Madelyn and I went to Joann's and purchased fabric that matched the invitation and overall color scheme.

We then traced triangles and cut them out. A lot out!  This was a great project for her to help me with.

After cutting out all the triangles, we used spray adhesive to glue the triangles on the back of a wide ribbon.  There you have it.  A cute, inexpensive little banner for your party!

I realized I had way too much fabric left over so I bought sticks at Joann's and made fabric lollipops to put into vases.  Okay so remember I said that I am not the perfect DIYer.  These pictures explain it all!  I figured the party is for 8 year olds and they won't see the back.  It doesn't need to be perfect!  So we used cardboard circles, leftover fabric, sticks and spray adhesive.  Easy peesy as Madelyn would say!  Oh and I used packing tape to tape the stick on.  Again, not perfect.

I sprayed the adhesive onto the front of the cardboard circle and made sure to smooth out the fabric.

Then I just taped the back.  Yup, totally not perfect.


Here is one set of them in a vase.

My cute little helper, Carson.

 "Easy Peesy"!

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