Friday, July 27, 2012

{real party} batter up!

For Tyler and Carson's 5th Birthday , we hosted 8 boys for a Baseball Party.  This was my boys first year playing tball and they loved it.  We have a big backyard, so it just seemed like the perfect idea.  Before we go any further I must warn you...these are all my photos.  This is a very real party.  As much as I like to think  I am, I am definitely not a party stylist.  This is what you get from me and let me tell you, my boys loved it!

Since it was outside, we were dealing with wind and sun.  We set up an easy canopy, folding table and a couple of decorations.  I tried to make most of the decorations be the party favors.  Easy to set up, easy to clean up!

The scoreboard was the back of an old bulletin board we had in the house.  I spray painted it and my daughter did the chalk.  Since the day is totally about the boys, I try to include her in as much of the decorating and set up as she would like.  The baseballs and helmet, we had in our garage.  The metal bucket was picked up at an antique store about a year ago.  We are a family of 5, so I love finding things with 5 on them.  Since the boys are 5, well you can see how nicely that worked!  I love using photos in my decorations, so I pinned a few tball pix up onto the canopy.  The only decorations I bought were the paper plates, balloons and paper baseball lanterns.  Homerun for me!

I set up "Training Camp" which included a few stations for the kids to have fun at.  These included, Knock the Tins down, Batting Practice, Pitching Practice (water balloons style!), Bean Bag Toss donated from our soon to be local baseball team, The Loudoun Hounds.  We also had a Relay Race around the bases and of course, a Baseball Game!

Before we chat about the cake, I should mention that we did the party in the late afternoon/early evening, so we had some ballpark hot dogs as well, with some chips and gatorade.  Seriously, easy!
So, my husband is a great cake baker, which means we typically do our own cakes.  This years was pretty simple.  We just did a baseball for each of them.  Because they are twins, we really try to give them their own moment on their birthday and at the party.  They each get their own cake and we sing Happy Birthday to them seperately.

This is one of my favorite parts in planning a party.  I love coming up with the favors and seriously, I just loved these.  Yes, I will toot my own horn for a moment :)

That's right, Baseball Tees!  The boys were either on Team Carson or Team Tyler.  They loved it!  Of course their last names and numbers were on the back as well.  They put the tees on as soon as they arrived and they all looked awesome!  At the end of the party they also received a personalized cotton baseball bag filled with a baseball, big league chew, a baseball tatoo and a Loudoun Hounds baseball sticker.

Really this is what it's all about.  Celebrating your birthday with family, friends and tons of fun!

There you have it!  Another party done and full of fun.  Thanks for making it all the way down to the bottom and taking a moment to relive this fun day with me! 

Baseball Printables by Sweet Mady
Please email Sweet Mady if you would like to share or feature this party.  I would love that!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

{faves} what i'm loving

Parties, Tutorials, Cupcakes, Delicious Summer Ideas...that's what you'll get in this weeks Sweet version of "What I'm Loving".  Enjoy!

Because I totally believe in starting every meal with dessert (oh how I wish!), this Panda Cupcake Tutorial from Bakerella gets the spotlight first.  I love that you can change the pandas smile just by moving around the sprinkles.  So cute!

Next up is a fabulous list of 25 Refreshing Summer Treats!  I saw this the other day just as I came in from spending the afternoon power washing our deck.  Glamorous, I know!  Anyway, there were a number of these I was ready to try after that.  I know my kids will love the Lemonade Stand Popsicles as much as I'll love the Strawberry Lemonade.  Thanks Desiree from 36th Avenue for this Delicious Round Up!

You know I had to throw a party in here, so I choose this Little Monster 3rd Birthday from Ambrini Events and featured on Chickabug.  Honestly it was the colors.  It's simple, I loved them!  This party would make anyone happy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{printable} let's go camping

Before kids (when we didn't realize just how much time we really had) Eric and I were big campers.  Let me just say, we are not the "drop ourselves off in the middle of the woods" campers.  We are more the nice campsite with a picnic table and firepit style. This Memorial Day we are pulling all the camping equipment back out and taking the kids.  This is our first time going as a family and it should be lots of fun.  Here are some Free Camping Printables to help you with your camping trip!

You can download these Free Printables Here!
What are your tips for Camping or your Must Haves?  I would LOVE to hear!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{faves} what i'm loving this week

Let me just tell you, this week was HARD.  There were so many amazing parties, DIY's and tutorials out there.       I had a reader ask why I was showcasing my faves each week.  Well the answer is simple, because I truly did love either reading the details about the party or found a tutorial I honestly can't wait to try.  It's my way of saying, "Hey, take a look at this because it's pretty great!"  And honestly, I like ending the week with a "Pretty Great!".  So here are my faves for this week.  Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought was "Pretty Great"!

The Jello Playdough cookies from Jamielyn  of I Heart Naptime are on my Summer Must Do List! They are fun, colorful and I'm sure totally delicious.  Who doesn't love a colorful cookie rolled in sugar!  Grab your cookie cutters and make sure to click on the link for the full tutorial.

I have a collection of colorful paper lanterns that are pulled out for every single party and I will admit they are getting old to look at.  That is why this tutorial from Christine at Pure Joy Events is another on my Must Do List!  It will freshen those lanterns up without me feeling as though I need to go out and buy new ones.  I also love how fun they would be to hang in a bedroom or playroom.

Of course I have to give shout outs to some FAVE parties I saw this week and this is a total keeper.  Maybe it's because I have twins myself, but I so love what Jennifer from Double Fun Parties has done with this Over the Rainbow theme.  If you have not seen the details from this party, you must (yes now!) head over and see them.  Ruby red slippers, Toto in a basket, a tornado and even a house falling on the witch.  Amazing!

Last up this week is my friend Katie from Petite Social.  This tennis party is just simply gorgeous. I love how the Pink and Green Preppy feel is carried through every single detail in this party.  Way to go Katie!

Friday, May 4, 2012

{faves} what i'm loving this week

It's time again to share my Fave things around the Blog world this week! 
Check out my top 4 parties and let me know which details you loved.

First up is a Rockin' Baby Shower by J. at your Service.  
I just love how modern this baby shower is.  It screams "let's have a great time!".  One of my favorite details is the "boys rock" onesie clothesline.  Seriously adorable!

Next up is a Teacher Appreciation Week theme from Simply Styled Home.  As a former teacher, I absolutely love creative ideas to celebrate teachers and this Dr. Suess theme is just perfect!

Who thinks, "Let's throw a Mail Party?"  Jenny from Crossing the Buggar-Dixon Line, that's who! What words come to mind for this party...AMAZING and UNIQUE.  Visit Jenny's blog to see all the details!

And last, who doesn't love the Muppets?  I love that the Muppets have made a come back and it really is such a fun party theme.  Take a peek at what Dina from Deliciously Darling Events did with the theme.  Colorful is an understatement.  It's simply gorgeous!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{party themes} what i'm loving this week

Everyday I look forward to seeing what fabulous parties will be shared on my endless amount of blogs I love to read.  This week there have been two that have totally WOWed me.  Although I dabble into the party world, I am by no means a Party Stylist, so to see the detail in each of these parties....just WOW!

First up, is Lynlee's Toy Story Party.  The quote is, "No Toy Left Behind", but it should really say, "No Detail Left Behind".  Amazing!

These blocks would definitely put in my playroom when the party was over.

Those are cupcakes!  They might seriously be too cute to eat.

Make sure to visit Lynlee's Petite Cakes to read all the details and see more photos from this party.

Next up is a fun spin on the traditional Art Party, by Couture Parties and featured on Hostess with the Mostess.  My absolute favorite part of this is the creative backdrop!  I love the paint can hanging down with ribbon.  This would also be fun to do for a Sweets Party, using clear can filled with candy.

Make sure to visit Hostess with the Mostess to see more Gorgeous photos and read about all the details from Stephanie.