Friday, July 27, 2012

{real party} batter up!

For Tyler and Carson's 5th Birthday , we hosted 8 boys for a Baseball Party.  This was my boys first year playing tball and they loved it.  We have a big backyard, so it just seemed like the perfect idea.  Before we go any further I must warn you...these are all my photos.  This is a very real party.  As much as I like to think  I am, I am definitely not a party stylist.  This is what you get from me and let me tell you, my boys loved it!

Since it was outside, we were dealing with wind and sun.  We set up an easy canopy, folding table and a couple of decorations.  I tried to make most of the decorations be the party favors.  Easy to set up, easy to clean up!

The scoreboard was the back of an old bulletin board we had in the house.  I spray painted it and my daughter did the chalk.  Since the day is totally about the boys, I try to include her in as much of the decorating and set up as she would like.  The baseballs and helmet, we had in our garage.  The metal bucket was picked up at an antique store about a year ago.  We are a family of 5, so I love finding things with 5 on them.  Since the boys are 5, well you can see how nicely that worked!  I love using photos in my decorations, so I pinned a few tball pix up onto the canopy.  The only decorations I bought were the paper plates, balloons and paper baseball lanterns.  Homerun for me!

I set up "Training Camp" which included a few stations for the kids to have fun at.  These included, Knock the Tins down, Batting Practice, Pitching Practice (water balloons style!), Bean Bag Toss donated from our soon to be local baseball team, The Loudoun Hounds.  We also had a Relay Race around the bases and of course, a Baseball Game!

Before we chat about the cake, I should mention that we did the party in the late afternoon/early evening, so we had some ballpark hot dogs as well, with some chips and gatorade.  Seriously, easy!
So, my husband is a great cake baker, which means we typically do our own cakes.  This years was pretty simple.  We just did a baseball for each of them.  Because they are twins, we really try to give them their own moment on their birthday and at the party.  They each get their own cake and we sing Happy Birthday to them seperately.

This is one of my favorite parts in planning a party.  I love coming up with the favors and seriously, I just loved these.  Yes, I will toot my own horn for a moment :)

That's right, Baseball Tees!  The boys were either on Team Carson or Team Tyler.  They loved it!  Of course their last names and numbers were on the back as well.  They put the tees on as soon as they arrived and they all looked awesome!  At the end of the party they also received a personalized cotton baseball bag filled with a baseball, big league chew, a baseball tatoo and a Loudoun Hounds baseball sticker.

Really this is what it's all about.  Celebrating your birthday with family, friends and tons of fun!

There you have it!  Another party done and full of fun.  Thanks for making it all the way down to the bottom and taking a moment to relive this fun day with me! 

Baseball Printables by Sweet Mady
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