Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{diy} marshmellow pops

When I was making a list of food to have at our Construction Party, Marshmellow Pops
were at the top of my list.  Super cute + Easy = Just right for me!
I found a great tutorial from Savory Sweet Life and went with it.  I found that many people used nuts as toppings for their pops, but with Madelyn being allergic, I chose to go with Butterscotch Sprinkles so they would have the same look.
I pretty much followed the tutorial to a tee, except for placing the pops in a styrofoam block to set.  I missed that part, so I went through all of our baking sheets and put together something that worked for me.  One tip would be to hold the marshmellow as you dip it in chocolate, not just the stick.  I found I had more control that way.  Also, I used a very small spatula to get the excess chocolate off the top of the marshmellow.  The spatula also helped to even out the chocolate.
After I was done, I let them set for couple hours and then bagged 3 at a time and finished them up with orange polka dotted ribbon.  These were part of the party favors, so of course we had to come up with a fun way to display them.  I am all about using what you have to decorate.  So I quickly grabbed one of the boys toolboxes (and had the "noone is going to take this home with them" talk) and started filling it up.  I was definitely pleased how it all turned out!

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