Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{construction party} fun food

One of the best things about a childrens party is the creativity and fun you get to have with it.  Food should totally be a part of that!  We had:

 Nails - pretzel sticks
Screws - cheetos that literally look like a screw 
Wrecking Balls - cheetos balls

There was so much more we could have done as well, but we didn't need that many snacks!  I asked my Facebook fans to come up with some "Construction" names for food and some ideas were:

2x4's (great for kit kats)
Solar Panels
Corrugated Roofing
Skyscraper Snacks
Bulldozer Bites

It was fun to hear all of the ideas!
I packaged each of the snacks into individual bags for the kids to grab.  I do this for all of my parties.  I think it helps with the mess factor.  The kids can just throw the bag away when they are done.  Plus, if the party is down at the pool, you don't have wet hands dipping into all of the chips!  I used the kids large dumptrucks to hold the snacks, placed them into their correct truck and taped a sign onto each truck.  I used the Home Depot painting sticks to hold each sign up.  They are free, but because I took about a dozen, I did offer to pay for them.  They didn't care and let me take them, yea!
For drinks we had a Fueling Station that consisted of Gatorades, Capri Suns, Waters, etc.
For dessert, we of course, had cake.  Because there are two of them, we always make each their own cake.  We also sing to them seperately.  The boys picked out their little tractors to put on top of their cake.  We used S'more sprinkles to add "dirt".  We also had Toolbox Treats, which were M&M's that they could sprinkle on top of their piece.  The Old Dirt Road Pops, were a party favor.  Although I did see some of the adults sneak into them!
Remember to have FUN with your food choices.  Also be realistic about how much food you need.  We didn't need a ton of snacks, so I only picked three things.  A huge food display looks nice, but if noone is going to eat all that food, then cut back and use more props.

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