Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{construction party} decor and food

My main goal when throwing a party is to use as many things around my home as I can to decorate.  This definitely helps cut down on the overall cost of the party, plus it lets you be creative with pieces you already own.  I do have to say that with having the party down at the pool, I find the decorating to be a bit more of a challenge.  So basically, we had two different areas to decorate.  The pool and the deck.

The deck is where is guests first enter when coming through the house.  It was also where we were going to have cake and open presents.  I made the food table the centerpiece by placing some of the boys orange cones on it, along with the some of their trucks and tools from the playroom.  Instead of using a tablecloth, I covered it with butcher paper and Tyler helped me make lines with yellow duct tape.  We also hung orange and yellow streamers around the pergola and tied yellow, orange and green cones onto chairs and the steps to guide the guests down to the pool.  I used a black shelf from inside the house to place the construction hats on for the kids to take as they left.  I bought Home Depot nail aprons for $.77 each as another favor and used them as decoration as well. 
Like I said, the pool area is always a little bit tricky to decorate.  I was so glad that we randomly had a bunch of stakes from some landscaping we did a few years ago.  We used those to place Construction Signs throughout the walkway and the pool area.  We always put up a canopy to provide a little shade, so again we pulled out the streamers and balloons to bring the orange and yellow in.  Tyler, once again, helped me place his orange cones on various tables and also, on the railing of the steps, to lead guests down to the pool.  The addition of the trucks on the tables were a great touch that everyone loved!
As you can see, we did not spend a lot of money on the decorations. For me, it was about using what we had, that coordinated with them.  The boys love construction trucks, so that is what we did.  We placed several of their trucks and tools on tables and stuck with the yellow and orange as our colors.  Plus, we mixed a little brown and green in their as well.

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