Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{family} soccer

My little guys have started soccer this fall and after a lot of rain, they were finally able to get out on the field and show their skills. 

Honestly we had no idea what they would do out there.  They can be very shy and clingy.  They both did awesome the first 30 minutes of basically games. 

Then it was time for the little 3 on 3 scrimages.  Carson pretty much dominated (yes, I know, they are only 4 years old) the first 10 minutes. He instantly scored 4 goals.  Yea!

Then he was done.  And by done, I mean really done!  He sat on the field and cried because he wanted to go home.  I kept reminding myself, he's only 4.  Hopefully this weekend will go better!  Interesting though, as soon as Carson started to have his big {and I mean big!} meltdown, Tyler totally stepped up and started scoring himself.  It was pretty cool to watch.  This photo has to be my fave from the weekend. 

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