Friday, October 14, 2011

{football friday} fondant

So this week's football post is kind of a stretch, I'll admit it.  I found this AMAZING fondant shop through facebook and had to share because seriously I sat infront of the computer and looked at every single photo of her fondant creations.  Brittany from Edible Details is just that good!  So first of all, she does do footballs, yea!  So plan your football party and make sure to include the sweets so you can get some of these awesome little footballs to enjoy!
So now that we have talked football, {I know for like half a second}, you have to go visit and see what other gorgeous creations Brittany makes.  Really, go now!  Look at this train... 

And if you are either hosting Thanksgiving or are bringing a dessert to the feast, check these out!

I mean seriously!

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