Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madelyn's Sweet Shoppe Party {food & fun}

So if you missed all the details from the first Sweet Shoppe post you can read all about it here. I mentioned it that post (yes over a month ago, sorry!) that I like the girls to be busy as soon as they arrive.  I had our only craft of the night all set up ready to go.  I love how the cupcake liners looked on the table, so they were a nice decoration as well. 

 You will need lots of cupcake wrappers for this project plus a coffee filter and glue.  Because they were doing this on the dining room table, we used glue sticks and they worked just fine.  I also gave each girl a paper plate to work on.  That way there wasn't a chance glue would get on the table.

Start by folding each cupcake liner in half length wise and then glue.  So easy!  I had two different size liners.  We put the larger ones on the bottom, then filled in the top with the smaller ones.

Keep going until you have a nice full Cupcake Flower Bouquet!  Once they were done, we pinned them onto their personalized aprons and they were ready to have fun at the Sweet Shoppe!

After each of the girls made thier bouquet and had some pizza it was time to get into the Sweets!  Although it was a Sweet Shoppe theme, I made sure not to actually serve too many sweets.  These girls were all spending the night!  Most of the activites we did with the candy doubled as the party favors.  This is something that I love to do!  The three Sweet activities that we did were Gummy Skewers, Decorate your own Cupcakes and Make your own Cookies in a Jar!

The girls loved doing the Gummy Skewers and they were really easy to do.  I bought a variety of Gummies from Target and Home Goods.  Home Goods was a surprise, but they had a great variety.  All you need is a skewer, gummies, a baggie to go over the finished treat and a ribbon to finish it off.  These went right into the favor bag to take home!

I had my friend Chrissy from We Take the Cupcake come teach the girls how to decorate thier own cupcakes.  The loved this!  Chrissy is amazing to work with by the way.  She provided two cupcakes per child, toppings, all the icing, plus the tableware to put everything in.  She even brought extra icing bags so the girls could mix up the colors and make their own color creation.  There definitely were some interesting colors!  She also brought boxes for each of the girls to take thier cupcake home in.  I added a little color tissue paper and a sticker and it was the perfect little cupcake box!

Say Cupcake!

Once the girls were done, we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed Chrissy's delicious cupcakes!

{yes she is completely trying to block her brothers from blowing out her candles!}

Last up was making the Cupcakes in a Jar.  Now this was messy!  I meant to put a tablecloth on first, but totally forgot.  I don't do mess well, but everything was very easy to clean up.  I tried to do a lot of prep ahead of time to make this as easy {and clean} as possible.  I'm not so sure I would definitely do this again but the girls just had tons of fun with it and everytime I see one of them, they love to tell me that the actually made thier cookies!

The Sweets the girls did get to enjoy that night were delicious Polka Dot Chocolate covered Oreo Cookies, Janet from Sweet Temptations made for us.  Seriously adorable!

Throughout the week, I'll share the rest of the details and a few DIY's from the party!

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE Janet and her Oreos to! :)
    The girls looked like they had a blast!! Oh, the little DIY stations look sooooo fun!

    Thank for linking up to Bird's Party Linky!!
    See you next month?! ;)


  2. What a cute party! Great ideas! Found you over at Bird's place!

    The Joys of Home Educating

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