Thursday, May 10, 2012

{faves} what i'm loving this week

Let me just tell you, this week was HARD.  There were so many amazing parties, DIY's and tutorials out there.       I had a reader ask why I was showcasing my faves each week.  Well the answer is simple, because I truly did love either reading the details about the party or found a tutorial I honestly can't wait to try.  It's my way of saying, "Hey, take a look at this because it's pretty great!"  And honestly, I like ending the week with a "Pretty Great!".  So here are my faves for this week.  Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought was "Pretty Great"!

The Jello Playdough cookies from Jamielyn  of I Heart Naptime are on my Summer Must Do List! They are fun, colorful and I'm sure totally delicious.  Who doesn't love a colorful cookie rolled in sugar!  Grab your cookie cutters and make sure to click on the link for the full tutorial.

I have a collection of colorful paper lanterns that are pulled out for every single party and I will admit they are getting old to look at.  That is why this tutorial from Christine at Pure Joy Events is another on my Must Do List!  It will freshen those lanterns up without me feeling as though I need to go out and buy new ones.  I also love how fun they would be to hang in a bedroom or playroom.

Of course I have to give shout outs to some FAVE parties I saw this week and this is a total keeper.  Maybe it's because I have twins myself, but I so love what Jennifer from Double Fun Parties has done with this Over the Rainbow theme.  If you have not seen the details from this party, you must (yes now!) head over and see them.  Ruby red slippers, Toto in a basket, a tornado and even a house falling on the witch.  Amazing!

Last up this week is my friend Katie from Petite Social.  This tennis party is just simply gorgeous. I love how the Pink and Green Preppy feel is carried through every single detail in this party.  Way to go Katie!

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